Mini Guide – 48 hours in Lisbon

A last minute trip to Lisbon.

Last month I took my first flight of 2020 heading to Lisbon, Portugal. 

We only had the weekend to explore the capital but it was enough to visit most of its main attractions. In this mini guide you can see what we did in 48 hours in Lisbon. 



As you can imagine, to have content is a very important deal for me since I need (and want) photos to share on Instagram and the blog. Also, I do photo tours in Barcelona – If you are coming, let me know! – so I was very curious and excited to do one in a foreign city and being the model and not the photographer for once!

When I found out I was going to Lisbon the first thing I did was to look for a local photographer that could show me around and take photos of me. I LOVE to take photos of the landscape, the city and its architecture BUT I also like to be on the photos 😉 

I contacted Adriana through Instagram, she showed me around some of the cutests and nicest places in Lisbon and took more than 500 photos (most of the photos from this blog post were taken by her). 


I am a big fan of views, every time I travel (or even in Barcelona) I love to find the best ones.

Some of the coolest views in Lisbon:

  • Mirador das Portas do Sol
  • Mirador do Santa Lucia
  • Castelo de São Jorge
  •  Mirador da Graça (next to Castelo de São Jorge) 
  • Mirador deSão Pedro de Alcântara
  • Elevador de Santa Justa – we didn’t go up since the line was too long (can’t imagine how is it in Summer)
  • Visit Praça do Comerço Square


This is a must do if you visit Lisbon.

The vintage trams are a symbol of the city, the most famous is Tram 28. 

Also, don’t miss a chance to take a photo on the driver’s seat 😛 (the driver literally made us to take the photo) 


The most known neighborhood in Lisbon. Its hilly streets, the atmosphere, bars and restaurants makes the perfect place to visit and enjoy its beauty.


Probably the most Instagrammable street in Lisbon, I guess because the beautiful colors you can find there. It’s a short street where you find different bars, perfect to go out but also I was told it’s pretty touristic, especially in high season. 


If you visit Portugal please, try Pasteis de Nata. Where can you find them in Lisbon?

  • Manteigaria (Time Out Market Lisboa) – I personally tried this one, recommended by Adriana. And they were delicious! 
  • Pastéis de Belém
  • Pastelaria Alom
  • And the list goes on… 



The best way was by metro or tram. We bought a metro card that costed 6,90€ and we could use it for 24 hours. After the 24 hours you can recharge the same card for 6,40€ 

With this metro card you can go on the metro (obviously), trams and trains. 

Another way that we saw a lot of people (tourists) were using was the TukTuks, which look perfect to avoid walking around the extra hilly streets. 


Since we were only for 2 nights and breakfast was included in our hotel, we didn’t explore that much the food offer in Lisbon. 

However here are two recommendations to have dinner: 

  • Wine not? (R. Ivens 45)
  • A Cultura do Hambúrguer (Rua das Salgadeiras 38,)

Both places very nice and offer delicious food yet they are different. Wine Not? Is more kind of romantic/elegant place and a little more expensive while A Cultura do Hambúrguer is more relaxed and chill. 

Make reservations if you plan to go there! 


Even though we didn’t have a lot of time to explore, on Saturday morning we decided to do a little trip to Sintra. We felt in love when we saw photos online of Palacio da Pena and really wanted to see it in person. 

We spent in Sintra half day, arrived there at around 10am and by 3pm we were on our way back  to Lisbon.

It was worth to visit it and we find it easy to arrive by train and bus. 

The price of the public transportation and entrance: 

  • Train return ticket was 5€ per person (Lisbon – Sintra / Sintra – Lisbon) 
  • Once in Sintra we took a bus that costed 6,90€ per person, the ticket can be used the whole day and you can get on and off as many times you want since it takes you to the most famous places in Sintra. 
  • The ticket to the National Park where the Palace is located (among other famous points) is around 7€. 
  • We didn’t know that and payed 14€ each to visit inside the Palace as well. 

My personal tip: Don’t pay to go inside the palace. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful from the inside but you don’t visit that many rooms or spaces and you can see a lot of the outside area. Also the National Park has a lot to offer!

All the photos from the palace were taken from the free access area. 

This is all what we could do in such a short time. Have you ever been to Lisbon? What else would you add to this guide? 

Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading!

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