Our Wedding in Poland ♡


I though it would be nice to do a long-story-short of our relationship before I get started with THE WEDDING.

We met in 2015 in a hostel. He was traveling and I was working in the front desk. After 6 months dating we went together to South America for almost 4 months. Then back in Europe we had a distance relationship, but still making sure we could see each other as often as possible. We’ve lived together in the UK, Poland and now in Barcelona.

Our wedding took place in Poland last September. We decided to get married there since Wojtek is Polish and he has a huuuge family so it was the best/easy thing to do and we couldn’t be more happy for this decision!  

We had a very international wedding with more than 10 different nationalities. Family and friends came from all around the world to be present at the most important day of our lives. We are so lucky and grateful to have them. 

The Venue

The wedding took place in Mlodzikowo in the Polish countryside.

The best thing about it, a part of being such a dreamy and beautiful location, is that they have hotel and restaurant. Which was great, especially for the guests coming from far away and who would stay there for a couple nights. 

They provided the menu for the wedding, so you not only rent the venue but also they have a menu with A LOT of Polish food to choose which means no need to look for a catering service (one less thing to be worried about). No need to say but, everything was delicious. 

Talking about food, the non Polish guests were quiet shocked – in a good way of course – by the fact they served a lot of food during all evening/night long (last food service was at 2am – we started eating at around 5pm). I have to admit, Wojtek and I even though we knew the food they were serving, were surprised. 

We ate the left overs next day for breakfast, lunch and diner! Even Monday morning we enjoyed breakfast with some left overs, including the delicious wedding cake.  

If you are lucky enough to attend to a Polish wedding,  now you know you won’t be hungry, in fact, you will be overwhelmed with all the food that is served! 

Oh, and be prepared for all the vodka shots you will drink. 

*If someone says na zdrowie get ready for a vodka shot, it means Cheers. 

The Ceremony

We had a Catholic ceremony in Sw. Marcin in Jarocin,  one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever seen. 

The priest was very kind and he learned some words in Spanish for my family and also spoke English so the non Polish speakers, me included, could understand the mass. 

The Photos 

Our wedding photos were taken by Aga Sokol.

I found Aga looking through Instagram (I’ve been using IG as my Google for a long time now lol) The second I saw her feed I fell in love with her work. I contacted her right away, we scheduled a Skype call and the rest is history. She took all the photos I am sharing on this post and as you can see she is very talented. 

Ps: We had the opportunity to met her in Barcelona before the wedding and she took our engagement photos as well. 

The Wedding Dress

I got a lot of questions regarding the wedding dress. I bought it in September 2018, a year before the wedding. It was love at first sigh once I tried it on at the bridal shop I loved it (after trying more than 15 dresses, oops). It’s from St. Patrick Bridal and I purchase it at a shop called WeddingLand in Barcelona – it’s a great bridal shop because they have different brands and styles for each bride and they also have different payment options.

Hair & Make Up

My hair style was made by Karolina, she lives near Wojtek’s parents home. She did a great job and she did not only made my hair but also my friends, we all look beautiful! 

Ps. My hair accessory was made my my aunt. How pretty was it? 

The make up was by Raquel, one of my best friends. She came up with the perfect style for me and matching my requests. 

Flowers & Decoration 

We didn’t have an official wedding planner but we had my aunt, Débora and Wojtek’s cousin, Magda who helped us A LOT.

My aunt works as a event and wedding planner and she came from Argentina and help us with the decorations, flowers and more. Magda owns Studio Brzoza, a company that designs wedding invitations, signs and more. She helped us with our invitations, the table tags, everything. Again, we were (are) so lucky.

Tip: I am sure not in every country is the same but, for the flowers we went Friday morning (7am) to a flower market and bought them straight from flower suppliers. We bought a lot to decorate the venue and for my bouquet and we spent only 120€. 

The Music

One of the most discussed subject. Since it was an international wedding we wanted to have different music styles and years, music that everyone would dance to.

Well that was a mistake, don’t get me wrong I wanted the guests to have a great time and dance along but in my opinion you both have to play, music that makes you HAPPY and most important, that makes you DANCE. Because it’s impossible to please everyone especially when they come from different countries and cultures. 

We had a band that played live music and later on they played mostly latin music and it was a success, everyone danced! 

If you ask, for me this day was a dream, I still can’t believe it was real and that it’s over. We spend a total of 3 days with family and friends in the most charming location, eating delicious food, drinking and celebrating life. It was PERFECT. 

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