I visited different Hotel Rooftops in Barcelona…

First post after a loooong time, a lot of things going on in my life – exciting things – and finally found some time to write for my beloved blog.

If you didn’t know, I am always looking for new spots in Barcelona to create content for my Instagram and thanks to that I’ve discovered I am obsessed with Hotels Rooftops. Why? Because of the view, their decoration, their vibe… everything! and I believe is a good way to get to know a city as well. 

Summer is coming so in this post, I share some of the best rooftops I’ve visited mostly with Brigitte from A Little Blonde In Paradise. Hope you enjoy!

Yurbban Trafalgar 

Do you want to see Barcelona from a different perspective? This rooftop is amazing, you can see the cathedral, the sea and well, the whole city and you can do that while taking a dip in the swiming pool. 

Hotel IBEROSTAR Passeig de Gràcia

Big rooftop, sometimes they host evening’s parties. For me the best thing, a part of the nice swimming pool, is the view you get of Plaça Catalunya, one of the most crowded spots in the city

Ayre Hotel Rosellón

After visiting Sagrada Familia why don’t you go to Ayre Hotel Rosellón to have a glass of wine and admire the view? I guess a picture is worth thousand words…

H10 Casa Mimosa 

To admire another piece of art by Gaudí, I recommend you to go to Casa Mimosa, from there you can enjoy this view of La Pedrera while having coffee (or again, a glass of wine)

Cotton House Hotel 

What I love the most of this rooftop is the vibe it has with all the plants, the striped sunbeds and the pool. Also this hotel is for the interior lovers because every detail is beautiful. 

Barcelona has more hotels with amazing rooftops and I am willing to visit all of them (or at least try to) once Summer arrives! 

For more Barcelona inspiration check my Instagram @ssolalessa

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