Last Summer I visited Warsaw, it wasn’t my first time in the Polish capital – the first time was 2 years ago right before Christmas, and actually, I am going again in December -.

If I am honest, the first impression I got of the city when I visited in 2016 wasn’t the best, it looked nice with all the Christmas decorations, lights, atmosphere but nothing else, plus everyone told me Kraków was way more beautiful than Warsaw so that was stucked in my mind.

Comparisons are bad, and especially when it comes to a place can change the way you enjoy the experience, the way your eyes caught the place, everything changes. Unfortunately, this is what I did back then. And I loved Kraków while I kept thinking Warsaw was «ugly».

Well, last July I went back. I spent 4 days visiting and understanding the city and its amazing and terrible History. For those who don’t know Warsaw was destroyed during the 2nd World War, after this sad chapter in Polish History the Sovietic Communism arrived and lasted until 1989.

During those Summer days the city looked so beautiful, charming (and very warm, up to 30ºC) and I saw it with another eyes, like it was my very first time there. Sometimes you have to give a second change, right? 

In this post, I want to share with you some of the photos I took of the Stare Miasto (Old Town).


In my opinion with 2 days it’s enough to visit the must see, I recommend you to do a free tour to learn more about Warsaw.


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