International Love ♡

I wanted to do something different for the first September post and I decided to spread some love, international love.

As you may know my boyfriend, Wojtek, is from Poland and  I was born in Argentina but I grew up in Barcelona. We met in 2015 while I was working in a hostel and he was traveling, after six month dating we decided to go on a trip to South America for four months, we have a «nomad» life style since we’ve never lived together (or in the same country) for more than four months. This will change soon as he will be back from his Asia trip in a couple days and he is moving to Barcelona! -Looong story short –

In this post I share a few stories about international love and how when love is real distance doesn’t matter.

Bali - Indonesia 2017

Quería hacer algo un poco diferente para el primer post de septiembre, así que, decidí compartir un poco de amor, amor internacional.

Como ya sabes, mi novio Wojtek es de Polonia y yo nací en Argentina, aunque crecí en Barcelona. Nos conocimos en 2015 mientras yo trabajaba como recepcionista en un hostal y él estaba viajando. Después de 6 meses juntos decidimos viajar por América del Sur – Brasil, Argentina, Uruguay -.

Desde entonces tenemos una vida «nómada», nunca hemos vivido más de 4 meses en el mismo país. Esto va a cambiar pronto ya que cuando Wojtek vuelva de su viaje por Asia, vendrá a vivir a Barcelona 🙂 .

A continuación las historias de 4 parejas de países diferentes y con historias interesantes:

Andi (Northen Ireland – Irlanda del Norte) & Tom (Switzerland – Suiza) @20toestravel


«We met in Finland in 2010 during an Erasmus exchange semester – boy next door, girl next door love story ♡

After our university exchange sadly came to an end, we spent 4 years long distance and visited each other every 6-8 weeks. After that we lived together in Vienna for 2 years before spending 6 months travelling the world together.

We returned to Europe half a year ago and just got married last month in Switzerland.«

«Nos conocimos en el año 2010 haciendo un Erasmus  en Finlandia – la típica historia de amor del chico de la puerta de al lado, chica de la puerta de al lado ♡

Tristemente el intercambio acabó y mantuvimos una relación a distancia de 4 años y nos visitabamos cada 6 – 8 semanas. Después, vivimos en Viena por 2 años antes de pasar 6 meses viajando por todo el mundo juntos.

Volvimos a Europa hace un año y medio y nos acabamos de casar el mes pasado en Suiza

Maree (Australia) & Greg (North America – Estados Unidos)  @wandering_speechie 
«We met in 2010 at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Maree was in her first year of college, and Greg was in his third year on an international exchange program.
After 6 months, Greg’s exchange program came to an end. We dated long distance for 4 years, taking turns to visit each other every 6 months. In addition to full-time University, we both worked multiple jobs to afford plane trips to visit each other: wheat harvest work; coffee shops; night-shift at Walmart; you name it!
After that, we got married! We have been living and working in Florida for the past 3.5 years, enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. We often travel between America and Australia to visit our family and friends. Work and life have also taken us to see many other beautiful parts of this world.»
Click here to read their blog
«Nos conocimos en la University of  Newcastle, Australia. Maree estaba en su primer año de universidad y Greg en tercero, con un programa de intercambio.
Después de 6 meses, Greg tenía que volver a casa. Mantuvimos una relación a distancia de 4 años, haciendo turnos para visitarnos cada 6 meses. Estudiábamos al mismo tiempo que trabajábamos en cualquier cosa para poder pagar los billetes de avión!
Ahora estamos casados y vivimos en Florida des de hace 3 años y medio, disfrutando el sol y el clima cálido. Solemos viajar entre Estados Unidos y Australia seguido para visitar a la familia y amigos. El trabajo y la vida nos ha levado a visitar partes del mundo preciosos.»

Jenny (Canadian born Chinese – Canadiense nacida en China) & Giles Smith (United Kingdom – Reino Unido)
«How we met? An emoticon happy face online through mutual friends. Only seeing each other 3 weeks on, 3 weeks off for a year and a half due to Giles job as a geologist.
Made the decision to follow our bliss. We stopped our employment. Got married in Hawaii (Sept. 24, 2016) and haven’t been back home – Canada – since. We adopted the nomadic style working online. With whatever proceeds and savings we have to keep afloat our new lifestyle. Best decision ever. We live in each other’s pockets 24/7, for some people it would be insanity, for us, we developed ourselves, made us stronger and love deeper. Still following our bliss currently, exploring India.
Which countries have we drifted to since our marrige in Hawaii? Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Malasya, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Maldives & India.
Next stop Jordan or Egypt.»
«¿Cómo nos conocimos? Una carita feliz 🙂 online gracias a unos amigos en común. Nos veíamos 3 semanas sí, 3 semanas no durante un año y medio.
Decidimos seguir a nuestro corazón, nuestra felicidad. Renunciamos a nuestros trabajos. Nos casamos en Hawaii (el 24 de septiembre de 2016) y adoptamos el estilo de vida nómada trabajando online. Vivimos con nuestros ahorros para continuar viviendo de ésta manera. La mejor decisión que podríamos haber tomado nunca. Para algunas personas este estilo de vida sería una locura, para nosotros no. Nos ha hecho más fuertes y querernos todavía más. Actualmente continuamos siguiendo lo que dice nuestro corazón en India.
Países que visitamos después de nuestra boda: Japón, Nueva Zelanda, Australia, Indonesia, Malasia, Tailandia, Camboya, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Maldivas e India.
Siguiente parada: Jordania o Egipto.»

 Natalia (Russia) & Ramit (India) @wandertrips
SPb summer 2015
«We «met» in November, 2011 through a web-site whose concept is to connect people throughout the world in case their travel plans are matching each other. Like this one can meet up with the local or another foreigner for a coffee or spend a day sightseeing or etc.
Ramit found me on that web-site. His idea was to have one friend from each country so that whenever he travels he can meet a local. He sent me friend request on Facebook which I refused to aacept for almost six months 🙂 We were in touch during all this time though.
I must say that India was on my mind for quite some time and I was planning to travel there but it didn’t happen.
Finally, in 2013 Ramit asked me to join him on a solo trip to Spain. By that time I already booked my trip to Venice but right after Venice I wass scheduled to leave for a solo trip in India. Everything was pre-booked through a travel agency in Delhi and we were looking forward to meet each other in real life after almost two years chatting online.
I’ve always considered myself very experienced traveller. I’ve travelled solo to some «hot spots», I’ve been attacked and I thought nothing can scare me or surprise me. Never have I ever been so wrong before! After check-in, when I went out and I realised that I can’t really walk on the street because people are staring at me (I must admit that my dress wasn’t the most appropriate for India. On the other hand, when I was getting ready to travel to India, I asked Ramit, if there are any restrictions in terms of clothes. He assured me that I can wear what I want!), no car stopped to let me cross the street and it was so loud! I ran back to the hotel and just went to sleep (what a shame for an «experienced traveller»!). And then he came. I was sleeping but somehow I woke up, opened the door and suddenly I couldn’t see anything. I was grabbed into very soft and tender hug along with mild flower fragrance. He brought me flowers.
Ramit took me for a lunch to a coffee place where no one was staring at me but all I saw was his hands. Yes, I’m completely and forever in love with his beautiful hands.
After two days in Delhi I left for my trip as per the itinerary (next destination was Khajuraho). He was on the phone with every single driver and guide throghout my trip. After Khajuraho I came to Agra where famous Taj Mahal is. Next morning Ramit came to my hotel, we went to see the Taj together and spent another beautiful day. Taj Mahal is known as symbol of love … Well, now I know why 🙂
After Agra I went to see few more places in India and we didn’t get that chance to see each other again till February 2014 when we went together to Singapore and Bali.
When I think about it now, everything happened very quickly. Already being in Bali, it was decided that I’m going to move to India. In September, 2014 we went together to Croatia and Slovenia and my moving to India was scheduled for November, 2014.
So here we are, living together in Delhi since November, 2014. We’re getting marry next week in Santorini. It was always my dream, to get marry in Santorini, and it’s coming true thanks to him.
In general, I’ve been through a lot in life. Ramit’s life before he met me wasn’t easy also. My adjustment to life in India wasn’t easy. I was ready to give up but I also knew that we deserve to be happy. Both of us.
I can’t stop being amazed that my life has finally settled down in the middle of chaos. I’ve changed a lot thanks to Ramit and I know for sure that he is the most amazing thing to have happened in my life. I tell him that every single day.»


«Nos “conocimos” en noviembre del 2011 a través de una web que conecta personas de todas partes del mundo en caso que sus planes de viaje coincidan y así, no tener que ir solo/a.


Ramit me encontró en la web, su idea era tener 1 amigo de todos los países así cuando el visitara esos países podría conocer un autóctono. Me envió una solicitud de amistad en Facebook, pero no la acepté hasta 6 meses después!

Finalmente en 2013 Ramit me pidió de acompañarlo a España pero justo para esas fechas yo ya tenía pensado ir a Venecia y después de ahí iba a Delhi, así que era la oportunidad perfecta para conocernos cara a cara después de casi dos años hablando por internet.

Siempre me he considerado una viajera con experiencia, nada me asustaba o me sorprendía bastante para dejar de visitar algún sitio. En India fue diferente, me sentí aturdida, todo el mundo me miraba, había un montón de ruido y había muchos coches, se me hizo imposible el simple hecho de cruzar la calle. Volví al hotel a descansar. Me desperté y abrí la puerta de la habitación y me encontré a Ramit, quien me había traído flores.

Después de dos días en Delhi, seguí el itinerario de mi viaje, Khajuraho. Hablabamos por teléfono siempre y me ayudaba a comunicarme con los conductores o los guías. Después de Khajuraho visité Agra, Ramit vino al día siguiente y fuimos a ver el Taj Mahal juntos.

No nos volvimos a ver hasta febrero del 2014 cuando fuimos a Singapur y Bali. Cuando ahora pienso sobre ello, todo fue tan rápido. Cuando estábamos en Bali ya decidí que me iba a mudar a India. En septiembre hicimos otro viaje a Croacia y Eslovenia y en noviembre me mudaba a India.

Aquí estamos, viviendo en India desde entonces. Nos casamos la semana que viene en Santorini, mi sueño se va a hacer realidad gracias a él.

He pasado por todo en la vida, la vida de Ramit tampoco era fácil antes de conocerme. Me costó adaptarme a la India. Casi me rindo pero también sabía que nos merecíamos ser felices.

Mi vida al final tiene rumbo en el medio del caos, he cambiado gracias a Ramit y estoy segura que él es lo mejor que me ha pasado en la vida y se lo recuerdo a diario.»



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